Action starts at 14:00

Johannesburg, South Africa – The final countdown to EFC begins tomorrow when athletes hit the scales and officially weigh-in ahead of the mega event on Saturday. This is the athletes’ final chance to stare down and size up their opponents before they enter the Hexagon. Tensions are mounting and tempers will flare tomorrow.

See Dino ‘The Lion’ Bagattin and Dricus ‘Stillknocks’ du Plessis and heavyweights Ruan ‘Fangzz’ Potts and Cyril ‘Silverback’ Asker face-off for the first time, along with South Africa’s Hanru Botha and Scottish champion Danny Henry. Catch all the excitement and action live at the Sports Bar, Carnival City or on SuperSport SSHD7 (207) & SELCT (210) starting at 14:00 on 5 June, all twenty-four athletes will take their turn to get on stage, weigh-in and face off with their opponents.

EFC 40: Bagattin vs. du Plessis, presented by, and takes place at Carnival City, Johannesburg, on Saturday 6 June 2015. Tickets on sale at Book your cinema ticket to all fights live and in state of the art digital projection at