The champ’s state of mind ahead of title defence against Dalcha

Cape Town, South Africa – ‘Chef’ vs. Dalcha is 9 days away, and focus on the intense rivalry between the two camps has taken centre stage as it reaches an all time high, but on the other end of the fight sphere, observers with an ear to the ground may have started to notice something quite different; the champ’s state of mind.

EFC matchmaker Graeme Cartmell recently stated on Facebook, “I’ve known Norman Wessels for close on 10 years now, I can tell you about his everyday personality, an intensely passionate father with a big heart for his fight team and loved ones…What I struggle to describe is the man in the Hexagon he becomes, it’s a pure case of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, when he kicks into fighter-mode its plain scary! EFC 42: Norman Wessels vs. Champion Dalcha will be 25 minutes of guaranteed insanity! You are welcome Cape Town!”

Wessels recently stated the following on his Instagram account: “I look at these photos on our wall at the gym and I cannot believe that it is me. To date I have no memories of my fights, only small flashes. It makes me nervous and excited the journey I am embarking on and the person I will become. The outcome has been seen.”

EFC 42: Wessels vs. Dalcha, presented by, and takes place at GrandWest, Cape Town, on Saturday 08 August 2015. Tickets on sale at Book your cinema ticket to all fights live and in state of the art digital projection at