Danella Eliasov responds to questions about opponent di Segni

Johannesburg, South Africa – At EFC 44 the organistion’s newest signing Italian Micol di Segni will go head-to-head with South Africa’s

South Africa’s Danella Eliasov commented on questions relating to her Italian opponent’s career as an adult star.

“I don’t really think I’m entitled to an opinion on Micol’s career choice. I have noticed some derogatory remarks on social media about this. Don’t believe anyone is in a position to judge another individual’s life choices, provided they don’t harm anyone. Micol’s choices with regards to self-expression may be different to mine, but that doesn’t give me a right to judge or criticize.

This just serves to illustrate how MMA can bring together people from such diverse backgrounds and unite us in our love for our sport.”

Di Segni will face South Africa’s Danella Eliasov next month at EFC 44 at Carnival City on the main card ahead of the massive triple title fight event.

EFC 44: Van Zyl vs. Asker, Mynhardt vs. Gorimbo, Allen vs. Henry, presented by, and takes place at Carnival City, Johannesburg, on Saturday 03 October 2015. Tickets available at