Highlights from last night's Periscope broadcast

Cape Town, South Africa –Last night, EFC president Cairo Howarth and matchmaker Graeme Cartmell visited one of the top gyms in Africa, REPS MMA in Cape Town, to see EFC 45 athletes Gideon ‘Juggernaut’ DrotschieFrancois ‘Frenchman’ Kabulu and Luke Michael in training ahead of their upcoming fights on 7 November. The visit was broadcast live on Periscope.

Over the broadcast and training session, many things were seen of and said by the three athletes, including a few words from their head coach, the former EFC heavyweight Rico Hattingh.

Some highlights of what went down over the broadcast are:

“When Kabulu came here, he was really one dimensional. We have fixed up some of his bad habits and that sort of thing. Now it is just a matter of time… Francois now is a complete different guy.” – Rico Hattingh on Francois Kabulu

“I wanna fight Fedor.” – Rico Hattingh jovially calls out Fedor Emelianko

“It is going to be a test now, because he doesn’t have to cut weight.” – Rico Hattingh on Luke Michael’s first fight at welterweight

“He is a strong guy, good with takedowns, he can take down anyone in South Africa if he wants to.’ – Rico Drotschie’s opponent Champion Dalcha

“This fight is gonna be better than the last one against Tumelo. He likes to wait for you to come to him where-as Dalcha is aggressive and likes to apply pressure. He is a much better opponent for me.” – Gideon Drotschie comparing his previous opponent to his upcoming opponent

“I want that knockout so bad.” – Gideon Drotschie on how he wants to finish the fight

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Keep a look out for more behind the scenes training and interviews with EFC 45 athletes over the next few days.

EFC 45: Drotschie vs. Dalcha, presented by, and takes place at GrandWest, Cape Town, on Saturday 07 November 2015. Tickets available at