Sayed and Pena exchange on social media

Johannesburg, South Africa – Recently crowned interim champion Irshaad ‘White Tiger’ Sayed has been resolute in facing champion Demarte ‘The Wolf’ Pena to unify the belts. While a date has not been set yet, the likelihood of their eventual meeting is ever increasing. Along with the image above, Sayed captioned the post:

Irshaad Sayed: “Left the top shelf open, just in case I need to add something.”

Pena was quick to respond:

Demarte Pena: “You have no idea… Let’s do it Aug or Sept. That’s good time after Ramadan. Let’s see what you got little boy.”

While it is unclear as to when this mega champion vs champion bout will take place, it is clear these two men do not like each other and will stop at nothing to face each other.