For many years, The EFC Performance Institute in Paulshof, Johannesburg, played an indelible role in the heady nascent years of African combat sports. Created as an exclusive space where athletes could both train and compete, fighters from across the world affectionately called the ‘PI’ their home and with 20 EFC fighters having now competed in the UFC, the program has been a phenomenal success. Playing host to EFC’s worldwide broadcasts as well as intercontinental championships and international boxing tournaments, it has also welcomed a range of fledgling amateur promotions as part of EFC’s unique contribution to the ecosystem of combat sports on the continent.

But a revolution is coming. A revolution that builds upon the shoulders of such vaunted history to create a brighter future, as now, ‘The EFC Performance Institute’ recedes into the storied mists of history.

Today, the EFC is delighted to announce the renaming of this South African sporting landmark to ‘The World Sports Betting Arena’, securing the venue as a place where glory is fought for and won, for decades to come. Athletes, fans, broadcasters, businesses, and teams from across the world will continue to enjoy the Arena, bigger, better and more action-packed than ever before!

This renaming will be across all platforms, including:

Prominent World Sports Betting branding inside the venue will be streamed live around the world, not just in EFC broadcasts, but for the entire panoply of live sporting events that it hosts
All EFC live event marketing will be ‘live at the World Sports Betting Arena’
All EFC live broadcasts will be situated as ‘here at the World Sports Betting Arena’
Prominent World Sports Betting branding outside the venue will be visible from the air as well as surrounding major transport hubs
All media/press releases will say ‘taking place at the World Sports Betting Arena’
The World Sports Betting Arena will be listed on Google Maps, Uber and other address platforms
EFC President Cairo Howarth: “WSB has been a fantastic partner of EFC for many years, and we continue to grow together. This addition to the partnership goes beyond EFC, and we look forward to exciting months ahead.”

World Sports Betting CEO Warren Tannous: “This partnership emulates a majestic force between 2 strong brands, a partnership that has become renowned for its success within the EFC sphere. Renaming this remarkable venue truly emphasizes our vision and commitment to the sport and we look forward to seeing this alliance further manifest into a world renown franchise”

Throughout its 15-year history, EFC has revolutionized combat sports in Africa. But today’s announcement is not about history, it’s about creating a legacy of greatness that undeniably proves that Africans are world champions and global leaders, not just in sport, but in any field of endeavor they damn well choose. So welcome to the World Sports Betting Arena, and welcome to the future. We’ll see you there!

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