Dylan   "The Punisher"   Swanepoel

Fighter's record
[W L D] : 0 - 0
  • Submission : 0-0
  • TKO/KO :
  • Decision :
  • Age : 19
  • Height :
  • Reach :
  • Leg Span :
  • Stance :
  • BG Discipline : MMA
  • Strengths :
  • From : South Africa
  • Fighting out of : Amanzimototi, Durban
  • Gym : Team MMA FIghter
  • Trainer : Morne Swanepoel
Fighter's Skills Breakdown
  • Submission : %
  • Takedowns : %
  • Striking : %

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Fighters Biography

When and why did you start training martial arts?

I started training wrestling at the age of 4. I had my 1st wrestling competition at 7 years old. I then started training MMA and had my 1st fight at 11 years old, so competing and doing martial arts is my entire life. I started this sport to protect myself, learn new things and because it’s my passion.  I am very fortunate and blessed that my dad is one of the pioneers of MMA in SA and that it is a way of life for him and that’s how he brought me and my brother up as martial artists…..a way of life.


How (and why) did you transition to MMA?

There was no transition. We are my dad’s prodigies and have been involved in MMA since day 1. Literally, my dad always tells the story that the day we left the hospital after being born we went straight to our Martial Arts gym.


What achievements, ranks and titles have you held?

3x Amateur SA champion for MMA, BJJ, No-Grappling. I also fought for the FightStars Bantamweight amateur title.


How did you get your fight name?

Fellow students and supporters commented on my aggressive approach and dominance and said I am the real punisher.


What is your favourite technique, and why?

Rear Naked Choke from any position, highest percentage submission.


Who is your hero, and why?

My Dad, George St-Pierre (GSP) and Damian Maia both are supernatural beings and amazing in what they do.  I am blessed for my dad teaching, guiding and mentoring me in Martial Arts and in life. I look up to my dad a lot, as to how a true martial artist must carry himself, that’s what I call a Warrior. My dad’s my mentor, my coach, my inspiration, my motivation, and my life coach. GSP as he reflects what true MMA Martial Artists should be about. Complete fighter and an all-around humble nice person
Damian Maia for his high-level BJJ and reflecting the respect every Martial Artists should have.


What other interesting information can you tell us about yourself (hobbies, work, fun, outside of gym)?

I love spending time at the beach, watching movies especially MMA movies, I love coaching and guiding students, I am still a beginner but love surfing and adventurous activities like waterparks, rollercoasters, zip lining and paintballing.


What does it mean for you to fight in the EFC?

It means everything to me. Watching my dad being involved since EFC 1 and one of his students becoming the first EFC champ was a goal I set myself. To become an EFC champ and from there to fight in the UFC. It’s my goal and ambition to continue the Swanepoel legacy.


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Dylan   Swanepoel